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Founder and original leader in shaping the EnduranceTeam brand, Jarrod Evans is now one of the preeminent triathlon coaches in the world.  He has pursued his dream role of coaching at the highest level, currently working with USA Triathlon as National Development Head Coach. It is a culture of professionalism, commitment, reputation for reliability and strong values that Jarrod has instilled in his lineup of highly competent and experienced coaches, which ensures they continue to provide the #winningformula.

Jarrod’s enduring passion for coaching and performance led him to establish EnduranceTeam, with the fundamental goal of becoming the leading endurance performance coaching business in the nation.


Since 1996, EnduranceTeam have produced over 25 World Champions and over 40 Australian Champions, not to mention the 100’s of series and podium winning athletes. In 2013, Head Coach Jarrod Evans was awarded the Triathlon Australia Coach of the Year Award, as recognition of the squad’s performances.
EnduranceTeam’s #winningformula is a result of over 20 years of experience in refining programming methodology, incorporating new initiatives and understanding of best practices, to maximise potential ans gain results, at any level.

Triathlon Training Programs

EnduranceTeam offers a variety of true, personalised programming, designed deliberately for each athlete’s goals and needs. Our professionally structured programs are delivered under our new coaching system, ‘CoachingMate’, providing a platform for interactive coaching, feedback, communication and accessibility on all devices.  All programming is underpinned by a strong team of coaches, who hold high-levels credentials as athletes and coaches.  If personalised programs are not your thing, we are also able to offer a variety of comprehensive generic, group and casual session options. Learn more…

EnduranceTeam believes in delivering its athletes a genuine personalised programming experience.

We will take the time to understand who you are, where you want to be and work with you to provide an effective training and racing plan.

Anonymity does not breed results.

If you want to take your triathlon performance to the next level, you need personalised support and advice from a trusted coach who knows how to get you there.

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EnduranceTeam Beginner Squad Coach & Online Triathlon Coach


Triathlon Training

We offer triathlon training in groups under the direct supervision of our coaches. The groups are assigned to accommodate the different levels and aspirations. Learn more…

Triathlon Coaching

We offer individual triathlon coaching programs and work closely with you to support your journey in achieving your goals. Online coaching is also available as a convenient option . Get in touch with us to learn more.

Triathlon Training Programs

Various triathlon training programs are made available online, for those who want to experience and benefit from our expertise, without having to move to Geelong, Australia. Learn more…







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