What is Adventure Racing?

An adventure race includes navigation using map and compass, if there is a marked course to follow and no navigation is necessary then it is a multi-sport race. Adventure racing includes elements of Rogaining, Orienteering and Mountain Biking. Adventure Racing Training Programs are now available at EnduranceTeam.

Adventure Training Racing Programs

All of our Adventure Racing Training Programs and plans are available here through EnduranceTeam’s membership portal.

Adventure racing is truly a growing sport, and it is a great alternative for the triathlete looking to compete throughout Autumn and Winter. Conversely, if you’re an athlete looking to try your hand at adventure racing, EnduraceTeam can get you race ready.

About Adventure Racing

The adventure of the race is all about taking on the unknown and unexpected and overcoming the challenges thrown at you during the event.

In the lead up to the event a general location will be given a few months before but the exact start point will only be revealed to participants 5 days before the race, maintaining that element of adventure and the unexpected.

Surprises are thrown at you right from the start, bikes may need to be dropped at a different location to the start point, maps are only provided a short time before the start.  Decisions on how to get from one CP to another are left to each team, so the pressure is on to choose the best route.  Instructions must be read, and on the ground obstacles may force changes to plans as you run and ride. As a result, actual decision making must happen under pressure during the race.

Adventure racing is the chance for people to challenge themselves. Racers learn early on that the competition is less with other teams and more with the course.  It’s less about beating the competition and more about achieving your own goals.

Adventure Races have many variations, some of which include:

  • Sprint: short one day races lasting between 3 and 8 hours.
  • 12/24 Hour race: more extended non-stop race with a set cut off time for the finish.
  • Multi-day: 2 plus days in duration, possibly involving cut offs along the course, mandatory stops and numerous changes in disciplines.

Races will include trail running, mountain biking, navigation and as the events get longer, even more disciplines can appear including padding, rafting, tubing, roller skates, abseiling and other forms of rope work to name just a few. This is not to say that any of these can’t appear in a sprint race, one of the best features of adventure racing is the unknown format of the event and the challenge of dealing with the unexpected!

Most adventure races are team events, with longer length races requiring a set number of teammates and requiring the teams to be mixed gender. Many people find the team aspect of adventure racing to be among the most demanding aspects of the event.

Teams will typically nominate a team captain and designate a lead navigator, this is not to say that all team members don’t have a responsibility to understand where they are, the course they are following and navigational objectives they are looking for.

Determining your team’s roles, goals and expectations of each other before the start will save much grief and anguish during the race.

Adventure racing gives participants the chance to challenge themselves, to find their limits and push through them. Racing often takes participants out of their comfort zone by challenging them with unfamiliar surroundings, physical and mental challenges and weather conditions, often while sleep deprived and physically exhausted. How you react to this as an individual and as part of the team by supporting and helping your team mates will greatly affect your whole experience of the race.


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