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EnduranceTeam has a long, proud history as an industry-leading triathlon squad. Since 1996, EnduranceTeam has successfully run squads and provided performance triathlon coaching to hundreds of individual athletes online, interstate and overseas. Performance coaching is available not only locally, but right throughout Australia and Internationally.

EnduranceTeam was originally built on a strong foundation of successful multi sport and performance triathlon coaching methods. As a result, the philosophies remain applicable to juniors, beginners, age-groupers and elite athletes. Furthermore, the EnduranceTeam honour roll has grown longer and longer over the past 20 years produced the following results from our squad:

performance triathlon coaching

  • Over 100 Athletes competing in the Hawaiian Ironman
  • ITU World Championship Series and World Cup Athletes
  • Podium Level Professional Ironman Athletes
  • Australian Junior Elite Triathlon Champions
  • Hawaiian Ironman Age Group World Champions and Medallists
  • ITU World Long course Age Group World Champions and Medallists
  • Olympic Distance World Championship Age Group Medallists
  • Ultraman Australia Champion
  • Australian Junior Elite Team Members
  • Youth Olympic Gold Medallists
  • Top 3 International Professional Ironman athletes
  • Coaching over 500 beginners to complete their first triathlon


EnduranceTeam offers the following performance triathlon coaching and training services

We currently have domestic, international, online and correspondence athletes in our programs, all training to compete in a range of events.  These include completing their first triathlon in the 2016/2017 season up to the highly experienced athletes aiming for National and World titles.

  • Performance Triathlon Coaching
  • Individual Triathlon Training Programs
  • Individual Sports Coaching for Swimming, Cycling and Running
  • Online Triathlon Coaching and Programming across 5 different sports including Adventure Racing and X-Terra
  • Junior Triathlon Squads
  • Beginner Triathlon Squads
  • Age Group Squads
  • Advanced Age Group Squads
  • High Performance Squads
  • Elite and Professional Training Squads
  • One on One Sessions

The age range of athletes varies from 10-55, and we have an equal male/female ratio within the groups. We also have a fully qualified triathlon performance coach for each individual training squad.

Dedicated and personal online training programs aimed at the athlete that is ready to advance to the next level

EnduranceTeam believes in delivering its athletes a genuine personalised programming experience. We will take the time to understand who you are, where you want to be and work with you to provide an effective training and racing plan.

Anonymity does not breed results. If you want to take your triathlon performance to the next level, you need personalised support and advice from a trusted coach who knows how to get you there.

Encompassing all areas of swimming including stroke correction, technique, personal and group coaching as well as open water swimming to compliment pool work.

Covering off all areas of cycling, such as road riding, mountain bike riding and velodrome sessions our cycling incorporates speed, strength and power work.

Our carefully tailored running sessions take our athletes to the bush, track and trail to build speed, strength, endurance and cadence.

To compliment our swimming, cycling and running sessions EnduraceTeam also utilises cross training as well as strength and conditioning sessions.


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