Sprint Distance triathlon training programs are available from EnduranceTeam.

Head Coach, Levi Maxwell offers individual Sprint Distance triathlon training program for you, based around your goals and the time frame you have set to achieve them.

A World Champion himself, Levi has coached athletes to multiple World Championship medals, age group podiums and overall winners, across all distances.

Using the same techniques and processes that brought about Australian Champions, World Champions, Ironman Champions and some of the fastest age group athletes in the world, you will have access to the training techniques, and training programs, that will make you stronger and faster than you thought possible.  Get the type of training systems and programs that the best in world are using right now.

Through following the EnduranceTeam programs, you will also be a part of ‘the next phase’ of where the sport of triathlon is heading, in training and preparation techniques, and have access through us to learn the staples of current sports science methods.

Again, there are no secrets. Good Programming + Hard Work = Success.

Please go to our contact page and send our team an email to get started today!


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